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News Portal is an online communication medium for internet users which are read all over the world. S2S Computer Solutions is a Leading News portal development company in Trichy. This news portal publishes Blogs, Article, and other news related content. S2S Computer Solutions is a leading Web Development company, provide an appealing and efficient news portal development services. The news portal development allows publications, press releases, columns, articles, blogs and other news related content. We create and develop innovative website and modern style portals with content management system (CMS). We provide sections of local and international news, lifestyle, entertainments, jobs, educations, business, science technology, and other features exclusively for the news portal development.

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News Portal Website that brings information together from different source in an uniform way. News Portal is an online communication medium for internet users; Nowadays News and Media Field reached new highlights and brings out new revolution in the world. Daily News portals deliver new ideas and news to the peoples. People can receive the information through online and look at the new thoughts. S2S Computer Solutions gives engaging and Profitable news portal Development services.
The News Portal Development grants to people articles, blogs, Videos, other news related content. We Deliver User-friendly news website in order to navigate easily with SEO Concepts. S2S Computer Solutions make innovative website. S2S Computer Solutions has experienced hands and we can handle your News portal development very successfully.


  • Online News Report is reaches earlier than News Paper.
  • Online News can update regularly. And also we can update twice a day.
  • It saves Lot of time and Money.
  • People can receive updating information.

S2S Computer Solutions team is well versed in developing both horizontal and vertical internet & intranet news portals. We understand the need of the hour and hence integrate dynamic multimedia applications into News portals – social networking, video posting, blogging are some of the features that help syndicate and aggregate news, editorial content, digital publications with e-commerce capabilities.
S2S Computer Solutions news portal development service uses rich mash up designs with powerful dashboards and RSS aggregation for effective web harvesting and intelligent display on multiple platforms viz., personal computers, personal digital assistants, & mobile devices.

S2S Computer Solutions Offers

  • News Highlights
  • Attractive Banners
  • Easy to upload attractive Posting news
  • Easily upload any types of files
  • Password protected pages.
  • Unlimited dynamic News Sections
  • Easily upload Videos, and Images.
  • Publish Different type of Advertisements
  • Multilevel Features (Admin, author, users)


We build to help you meet your business objectives. Our Goal is reduce the gap between You and Your customers, Finally we can say Your growth is our Profit. The work Environment at S2S Computer Solutions reflects a Professional approach to dedicated team spirit.

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