KOT Management Software In Trichy

Hassle-free management and billing of every single kitchen order ticket (KOT) of your restaurant.

KOT Restaurant Business

Your Restaurant Business is incomplete without our comprehensive KOT

  • Admin Login & Sales person selection
  • Hall Selection options
  • Table Number Reservation and Alerts
  • Table Order Display/Print in Kitchen (Category wise print)
  • New KOT Order
  • Received Orders, Update Orders and Request Bills
  • Cancel KOT Orders Display/Print
  • Sales Type (Dine-in / Take Away) options
KOT Management Software In Trichy

Amazing Benefits of KOT (kitchen order tickets)

Multi-Kitchen Integration

You might have to create multiple copies of a single KOT if your restaurant has multiple kitchens. You must ensure even distribution of these copies, along with specific instructions regarding the preparation.

Reduction in discrepancies

Sometimes your wait staff could misplace orders, miss out on a few items on a particular KOT, or deliver the wrong order.   Since KOTs bear the table number, along with a token number, there is an ease in order differentiation and bill generation.

Improved restaurant efficiency

With a robust kitchen order ticket system, you can ensure your kitchen receives KOTs in real time. Your wait staff can interact with customers and provide a delightful experience, since they don’t need to shuttle between the kitchen and the table. Additionally, this reduces the turnaround time and increases customer satisfaction.

Easy online order integration

Restaurateurs are sometimes overwhelmed with the large amount of online orders that are generated through online food ordering apps. Kitchen order ticket software guarantees notification of every order and leaves no room for mistakes.

Real time reports generation

Manually auditing KOTs involves long hours and too much manual effort. An KOT software helps your generate real-time reports that help you track every order placed. Aside from providing insights on your sales, inventory, and staff productivity, it facilitates the management of multiple restaurants through a single screen.

Helping you manage orders and update real time preparation status, it eliminates the need for paper and printers, making your restaurant eco-friendly. Your restaurant becomes packed, KOT software will keep orders on track!

Key Business Benefits

  • Employee Enjoyable Touch Interface
  • Integrated Payment solutions supporting multiple payment modes such as Credit/Debit card, Cash, Coupon, Gift voucher etc., that reduces the bill processing time
  • Grouping of Tables based on Price or Order type
  • Printing of menus in respective kitchens based on grouping such as Veg, Non-Veg etc.
Restaurant Billing Software
Best KOT Restaurant Billing Software
  • Need based configuration available for steward, waiter, table and items
  • Un-tangled business closure at the end of the day
  • Efficient Till Management for record maintenance, from sales to cash
  • Configurable Menu interface that supports parametric search such as using Menu code, Menu name, Menu alias and so on
  • Flexible Order Taking process customizable to each item based on modifiers, toppings, shapes, style, design etc., as add-ons

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