Web Designing Company For School in Trichy

As one of the top school website design in trichy, S2S Computer Solution specializes in web development and website design for schools in Trichy including public school districts, private schools, universities, and trade schools across the globe. We are experts in creating eye-catching, interactive and user-friendly website designs formatted beautifully for both desktop and mobile devices.

Benefits of School Management System

Acts a bridge between the school and the parents

Storage of data relating to various students

Feature for  downloading holiday homework and assignments

Convenient fees payment option

Integration of social media sites


You are most probably wondering why you need a website for your school now, or perhaps you have not yet seen the reason why you should take your school’s educational activities online. But the truth is that the world as we know it has revolutionized, and thanks to the advent of internet technology, almost everything can be done online now.

Most businesses and services in every niche of human endeavors have moved or are moving their presence to the online world as a matter of necessity. This reality applies to the educational industry too.

There is a pressing need now, more than ever before, for you to create a website for your , seeing that quite a lot can be achieved online today. Most basic and even complex school functions like delivering lectures, assigning projects, tests, and exams, among others, can be done on the internet today. Most importantly, many schools are leveraging the opportunities that the Internet provides to create more awareness and advance. You, too, should not miss out on these opportunities. Contact us now and let us create the best website for your school in Trichy.

Essential features of school website development

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Dynamic News & Events
  • Photo Gallery & Slideshow
  • Interactive Location Map
  • Website Statistics
  • SMS & Emailing
  • Support When You Need
  • Update Your Content Quickly (CMS)
  • Your Content Added/Update For You
  • Unlimited Pages & Menus
  • Calendar
  • Alumni
  • Scheduled Publishing
  • Parent Login