Restaurant Customer Relationship Tool

  • Advanced and innovative S2S CRM-enabled software provides access to the database of customers of your restaurant.
  • Captures and organizes details of customers visiting your restaurant or outlets. Customer records and information stored at a central location.
  • Facilitates to meet your retention goals by sending them personalized SMS/Emails.
Customer Relationship Tool

Key Features

Customer Data Management

  • Gathers and stores details of customers
  • Save order history
  • Save mode of payment used
  • Bifurcate new and repeating customers

SMS/Email Communication

  • Execute SMS/Email campaigns about offers
  • Send customized offers to frequent visitors
  • Send SMS/Email about coupon codes or loyalty programs
  • Send personalized greetings on special days to customers

Customer Engagement

  • Thank your Customers
  • Send Bill details
  • Request Customer Feedbacks

Helps Builds Relations through POS Software

Acquire Customer Data

Acquire customer data manually pre or post ordering. Also, automatically through Re-echo – Customer Feedback.

Promote Using SMS from System

Promote your restaurant/offers within your area by sending SMS from the system.

Importing Customer Data

Assists you to import customer data in excel format from other sources.

Customer Engagement Offers

Increase customer engagement by introducing new or upcoming offers at the restaurant.

SMS to Increase Touch Points

Increase touch points by sending SMS to your customers on birthdays or anniversaries.

Customer History For Re-Order And Guidance

Assist your customers with re-ordering by analyzing order history of that particular customer.

In-built CRM that helps your earn customer loyalty

Regulate customer retention

Make your customers feel special by creating SMS campaigns wishing them their special days! Offer special rewards, discounts and offers to your customers for a personalised experience

Synced customer information

Sync all your customer information collected from online orders, website orders, and in-house orders into one data pool. Use this data to provide a personalized customer experience to earn loyalty!

Track customer behaviour

Keep track of all your sales using S2S Web Technology in-built CRM feature. You also get insights about your customers’ preferences by tracking their purchase history and special notes. Use all this data to improve overall service and win more customers

Create customer labels

S2S CRM helps simplify your customer management so that you can run marketing and feedback campaigns and offer group or corporate discounts by simply categorising and labelling your customer pool the way you want

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